Sabaprotect M500

  • Smoke and fire-resistant, permanently elastic sealant based on MS Polymer
  • Fire-resistant up to 120 minutes with standard back foam
  • Paintable with water-based paint systems
  • No edge zone soiling (tested according to ISO 16938-1)
  • Suitable for application in BREEAM/LEED projects

Sabaprotect M500
Description Sabaprotect M500 is a smoke and fire-resistant, permanently elastic sealant. Very lowemission, solvent-free, non-sagging, UV-stable and (air) moisture-curing, based on MS Polymer (1-component). No hazard symbols, easy to apply and can be used for long-lasting applications due to the excellent elastic recovery after loading within the maximum permissible deformation.

New build, maintenance and renovation of residential and non-residential buildings. Sabaprotect M500 is primarily suited for the smoke and fire-resistant (for up to 120 minutes) sealing of (expansion) joints of up to 50 mm wide, for example between stony materials, wood, steel, plasterboard and plaster fiber boards. This means Sabaprotect 500 is highly suitable for the fire-resistant sealing of joints between timber frames, metal studs, walls, ceilings and/or door/window frames. Due to its very low-emission and label-free properties, it is also suitable for use in BREAAM/LEED projects.
Technical details
Colour signal white (similar to RAL 9003), silk grey (similar to RAL 7044), signal black (similar to RAL 9004)
Packaging sausage
Maximum permissible deformation (ISO 11600) approx. 25%
More technical details in our downloads section
  • Sabaprotect M500 has been tested in the Peutz Fire Safety Laboratory in Mook to the standard fire curve in accordance with the procedures described in EN 13501-2:2007 +A1: 2009 based on testing methods EN 1363-1:1999, EN 1363-2:1999 and EN 1366- 4:2006 +A1:2010.
  • Sabaprotect M500 has been tested in the Peutz Fire Safety Laboratory in Mook for resistance to smoke penetration between rooms, in accordance with NEN 6075: 2011/C1: 2012 and EN 1634-3: 2004 + C1: 2007
  • CE mark based on EN 15651-1, Type F 25LM INT-EXT & EN 15651-4, Type PW 25LM INT-EXT
  • Complies with EMICODE EC1 plus
  • ISEGA (in connection with HACCP)
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