SABA Sealcoat CR

  • Self-levelling, chemically-resistant, conductive and permanently elastic floor coating based on polysulphide (2-component)
  • Applicable in a single operation
  • Prevents sparking when walked on, due to good conductivity
  • Resistant to, among other things, defined motor fuels, hydraulic oils, acids and 
  • Simple to repair after an emergency

SABA Sealcoat CR
SABA Sealcoat CR
Description SABA Sealcoat CR is a chemically resistant, conductive and permanently elastic coating for horizontal surfaces. Solvent-free, self-levelling and crack-bridging, based on polysulphide (2-component).

SABA Sealcoat CR is primarily suitable for fluid-proof coating of horizontal surfaces and connections to different surfaces, such as concrete, brick, tiles or metal. As a result, can be used for both new construction and renovation projects in an environment with a risk of explosion and/or temporary chemical loads, such as drip trays, incident management rooms, reservoirs or at tank base connections.
Technical details
Colours (standard) grey
Packaging sets (A + B component) of 2,5 litres (box contains 4 pieces) and 7,5 litres
Shore A hardness (EN ISO 868) ≈ 35
More technical details in our downloads section
  • Conforms to DIBt, Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung Z-59.12-201, coating systems for concrete in LAU facilities
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