SABA CR-free adhesives

SABA CR-free adhesives

SABA has developed CR-free adhesives. An important development, because with this new generation of adhesives we offer the foam processing industry the best guarantees of process continuity and protect it against the extreme price increases currently taking place in the polychloroprene (CR) market.

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Why CR-free adhesives?

SABA’s CR-free adhesives are the answer to a changing market for polychloroprene. CR is frequently used in adhesives because it has exceptionally useful properties as a binder. However, the growing global demand for CR and the trailing production of this chemical is leading to increasing shortages. As a result, we are facing unstable supplies of this raw material; an undesirable situation for our production and supplies to our customers.

Innovative R&D

On the basis of the first signs of the changing market, SABA’s Research and Development (R&D) team started searching for alternatives to CR, together with suppliers. The aim was an adhesive that complies with all the high requirements of the foam processing industry, with components that remain sufficiently available for our specialized application.

E-book: Why CR-free adhesives for foam bonding?

This free information document concerns the arrival of CR-free adhesives. We outline why SABA has developed this new generation of adhesives and what this means for the foam processing, furniture and mattress production industries.

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Ideal properties

The result of these efforts is a future-proof portfolio of CR-free adhesives, featuring high initial tack and strong final bonding. These adhesives can directly absorb tensions in the bonded material and have an adhesive joint that does not discolor and remains soft and flexible. These are essential properties for the foam processing industry.

Extensively tested

Prior to the introduction, the CR-free adhesives were extensively tested. The direct product properties, as well as the stability and shelf life in the longer term were investigated here. The water-based CR-free adhesives perform extremely well with both spray and roller application and are now used world-wide on a large scale.


Problem-free implementation

The switch to CR-free adhesive can be made without any problems. Implementation is a question of cleaning the existing SABA adhesive line or spraying equipment. The new adhesives are very stable during application, resulting in fast, efficient and safe working methods.

Implementation service

We support customers with the transition until their processes operate perfectly. We also provide for good coordination and training of the relevant operators. With this, we make the switch easy and with CR-free adhesives, we offer the best guarantee of process continuity and maximum protection against extreme price increases

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