PVC adhesive for horticulture or industry

PVC bonds are a crucial part of your installation. That’s why it is good to know that you can rely on SABA’s years of experience. We offer a range of PVC adhesives and cleaning agents developed especially for applications in horticulture and industry. These user-friendly industrial PVC adhesives for both hard and soft PVC assure you of excellent final bonding and efficient processing for your specific application.

Peter Wieskamp
Author Peter Wieskamp Application Manager

Your benefits

  • High chemical resistance
  • Certified quality
  • Long open and working times


The perfect PVC adhesive for every application

The familiar SABA PVC adhesives have already given faithful service for generations in pressure joints, disposal systems and press fits. Our Sabaclean products offer universal PVC cleaning agents that you can use in combination with specific SABA PVC adhesives.

We maintain close contacts with PVC pipeline manufacturers, so that we can respond to the latest developments in the market. We can therefore advise you on drying times and influences on the bonding and we can provide you with good application advice. 

Everything you want to know about PVC bonding

At which temperatures can you process PVC adhesive? And which pre-treatment is necessary? Download frequently-asked questions about PVC bonding in practice here.

Everything you want to know about PVC bonding