Boosted adhesives for a fast and secure production process

SABA has developed boosted MS polymer adhesives that ensure fast and guaranteed curing. With a focus on speed, strength and versatility, our boosted Sabatack® adhesives offer an effective solution for complex bonding processes. Discover how SABA's boosted adhesives optimize your production. Stick to progress.

What is a boosted adhesive?

  • One-component adhesives cure when exposed to specific environmental factors, such as temperature or humidity. They are convenient to use but sometimes have a longer curing time.
  • Two-component adhesives require mixing two separate parts, in a precisely matched mixing ratio, before the curing process begins. Mixing the two parts leads to a chemical reaction that results in curing.
With boosted MS polymer adhesives, the strength lies in their A-component. As with a one-component adhesive, this component cures through moisture. What makes the difference is the added booster, which speeds up the curing process considerably, because it contains the reactive component water. The result? Fast and guaranteed curing independent of environmental factors.

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Why choose a boosted adhesive?

Timesaving: The booster speeds up the curing process, allowing bonded products to move to the next step in the production process or be commissioned faster. This reduces waiting time and cuts down on storage costs.

Fast and complete curing: With boosted Sabatack® adhesives, you are guaranteed faster and complete curing, regardless of environmental factors.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Less dependent on external circumstances;
  • Ideal for situations in which adhesives are less accessible to moisture, such as with non-porous materials;
  • Less curing time;
  • More efficient production;
  • Reduction of storage costs.


Experience the power of SABA's boosted MS polymer adhesives: fast, strong and with guaranteed curing. Optimize your production with our innovative solutions.

Discover the power of SABA's Booster portfolio!

Are you looking for powerful adhesive solutions that cure quickly and evenly, even under challenging conditions? If so, SABA's Booster products are just what you need! These advanced MS polymer adhesives offer a range of benefits for the transport industry and other applications. 

  • No sanding or primers needed: With SABA's Booster adhesives, you no longer need to waste precious time on sanding and pretreatment with primers. They are ready to use immediately!*
  • Versatility: Booster products are available with various open times, curing speeds and pack sizes. This enables you to tailor them perfectly to your production process and reduce production time.
* Always consult SABA's pretreatment tables and advice before use and seek personal advice from one of our technical sales advisors.

Sabatack® 950 Boost

Sabatack® 950 Boost is an MS polymer adhesive with added booster component, marking it as the world's first boosted MS polymer adhesive in a simple sausage packaging! The packaging consists of two compartments. This innovation guarantees fast curing combined with the convenience of sausage packaging for easy application. Sabatack® 950 Boost builds strength within as little as three hours.  

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Sabatack® Fast products

Sabatack® Fast is an elastic, fast boosted construction adhesive that is solvent-free, stable, permanently elastic and UV-stable. The product is supplied in duo tubes or drums. Sabatack® Fast is available in three different versions, each with its own open time and curing speed. See the table below for the specific times.
  Sabatack® Fast XS Sabatack® Fast Sabatack® Fast XL

Processing time (in minutes)

~ 7 ~ 20  ~ 35
Functional strength development (in hours)  ~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3
Application Fast gun or 2K machine Fast gun or 2K machine Fast gun or 2K machine

It is important to match the adhesive to the production process. An adhesive with a processing time of one minute in an application requiring 90 seconds can lead to poor wetting. Once the open time of the adhesive is over, it is no longer possible to create a bond because the adhesive will then have hardened. 

The choice of type of boosted adhesive depends mainly on the speed of the bonding process. For example, when bonding small parts in a fully automated process, choose the XS variant. If you have large parts to glue that require a great deal of time from the start of application to bonding, the XL version is a good choice.

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Benefits of durable MS Polymer adhesives for the transport industry!

  • Safe for users: MS polymer adhesives are free of solvents, silicones and isocyanates. This makes them not only environmentally friendly but also safer for the user's health.
  • Excellent adhesion: Elastic MS polymer adhesives adhere to virtually any surface and can bond various materials (even invisibly). This offers a tremendous amount of design freedom. Lighter materials can be used in vehicle design, improving fuel efficiency (including in electric vehicles) and performance.
  • Fast and easy to apply: No time-consuming sanding or primers needed! MS polymer adhesives are easy to apply, saving you valuable time.
  • Practical benefits: In addition to strong joints, elastic MS polymer adhesives offer additional benefits such as noise reduction, corrosion resistance and even stress distribution. This contributes to the overall performance and durability of the final product.
In short, MS polymer adhesives are the smart choice for those looking for durable, user-friendly and versatile adhesive solutions. Want to know more about the benefits of elastic bonding? Read more on our website!

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At SABA, we believe in a certain process. Our products come with 'a strong bond' as standard, which guarantees knowledge, drive, service and personal attention. This ensures that our product fits your application and process perfectly. With the security of guaranteed curing, you know where you stand and who you can count on. That is SABA’s ‘a strong bond’.

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