(Bio)chemical industry

Chemically resistant sealing in industry

Sealing products and systems for chemically resistant sealing in the bio and petrochemical industry, including expert custom advice. That is what we stand for at SABA. With more than 80 years of experience, we know what we are talking about! There are good reasons why we act as the partner for all parties in the bio and petrochemical industry. Whether they are contractors, construction companies, architects, specification writers, application companies or miscellaneous institutions, thanks to close cooperation, we provide the best solutions for chemically resistant sealing for every project, with complete system solutions for tank locations and industrial floors, storage basins, storage tanks, silos and wells, sewers and separators.

Application companies

For chemically resistant sealing, you preferably want to work with the best sealing products and systems. SABA shares your passion for quality. This is why we deliver durable sealing products and systems that can also be processed efficiently. For we never lose sight of the practical situation.

Architects, specification writers and engineers

A good seal is not only chemically resistant, but also contributes towards the appearance and look of the object. With SABA's sealing products and systems, you can be sure of an attractive, secure and durable result. Naturally, our sealing products and systems comply with the latest standards, laws and regulations, including those relating to chemically resistant sealing.

Construction companies and contractors

Thanks to our years of experience in the bio and petrochemical industry, we can offer the right chemically resistant sealing products and systems for every project. Tell us about your needs and requirements, and we will supply you with the solutions that suit you best. From order to execution you are guaranteed optimum support, accurate delivery and the best products.

Public and private organizations

SABA makes things easy for you. When it comes to chemically resistant sealing, we take all worries off your hands. We even help you to save costs. From specific advice to the application, and even beyond. We are also a reliable partner when it comes to maintenance and aftercare. There is a good reason why our slogan is: SABA, a strong bond.

SABA’s strong bond with its customers
  • "The service we receive from all corners of the SABA organisation is at a consistently high professional level, prompt and with a friendly smile. Quality, reliability and partnership are obvious key words. We feel very comfortable developing our business further with SABA."

    Mr Jens Berger Petersen, Technical Manager, Ljungdahl

  • "In two respects, working with SABA means enjoyment and peace of mind. Enjoyment, due to the excellent personal and professional relationship which continues to develop thanks to the efforts of its extensive team of technical/sales managers and customer support department. And peace of mind because you can count on SABA meeting all its commitments and even exceeding your expectations. SABA takes on our goals and strives to attain them as much as we do."

    Juan Talavera, Civil Engineer, Brakel Construction Products

  • "We have for years enjoyed close cooperative relations with the SABA company, whose high-quality products have proved themselves in the market. Their competent sales service has provided prompt competent and expert information on innovations and their potential uses."

    Bertram Hagenkötter, Technical Director, Lübbering Umwelttechnik (Lübbering Environmental Technology) GmbH