03 January 2024

Sabatack Fast now also EN 45545-2 certified

In the development of trains, trams and metros, the safety and comfort of passengers take priority. You therefore want to be sure that you use durable materials and comply with the high safety standards in the sector. We are proud to be able to report that after various fire safety tests, Sabatack Fast now has also been awarded the EN 45545-2 certificate! 

What is the EN 45545-2 certificate?

For the purpose of fire safety, all materials used in rail vehicles must comply with the EN 45545-2 standard. The EN 45545-2 is the European standard for fire safety in rail vehicles. All materials used in these vehicles must comply with this standard. The certificate safeguards safety in respect of the following aspects:

  • Flame expansion;
  • Flammability;
  • Heat emission; 
  • Smoke development;
  • Toxicity.

Different hazard levels

Rail vehicles are classified at one of three different hazard levels, namely HL1, HL2 and HL3. HL1 is the lowest requirement and HL3 is highest. The level is established on the basis of two factors. First, the route travelled by the relevant rail vehicle, with an important factor being how fast a passenger can reach a safe place in the event of fire. Second, the level also depends on the type of rail vehicle, for example sleeping cars, double decker, etc. 

The table below lists the SABA products that are EN 45545-2 certified, the type of application and the hazard level they may be used for.

More news: Sabatack 760 is NFPA-130 certified!

Not only our Sabatack Fast has been awarded a new certificate, but Sabatack 760 XXL as well: namely NFPA-130. This is the American standard for fire safety in rail vehicles.

If you would like to know more about Sabatack Fast or Sabatack 760 XXL, check out the product information sheets. 

Sabatack 760 Sabatack Fast
How to select the right product

1. Determine the type of application (R1-R23).

  • R1-R7: for example window frames, including the seal;
  • R22: interior seals, for example for windows, doors and panels;
  • R23: exterior seals, for example for windows, doors and panels.
2. Determine the fire hazard level:
  • HL1
  • HL2
  • HL3
3. Search for a suitable product that complies with the above classifications and the technical requirements for the application.

If you would like to know which product is most suitable for your situation, contact our specialists.

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