09 June 2020

SABA Sanitair becomes Sabaseal

At the request of customers, SABA has recently been working on the further development of SABA Sanitair. The aim was: a broader field of application for the same product with the same properties.

Successful development

The development process was completed successfully. The upgraded SABA Sanitair has a broader field of application and, in addition to sanitary seals, can also be used as a repair sealant for silicone-based glazing or facade joints. The broader field of applications means that the name SABA Sanitair was no longer appropriate and a decision has been made to change the name.

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About Sabaseal

Sabaseal remains an all-round, waterproof, permanently elastic 1-component sealant based on alkoxy silicone with high initial bond strength. Like SABA Sanitair, Sabaseal complies with EMICODE EC1 Plus and has the following properties:

  • oxime-free
  • solvent-free
  • label-free
  • extremely low emissions
  • suitable for BREAAM projects

New colors

With the introduction of Sabaseal sealant, the existing SABA Sanitair color range has been expanded with two new colors. Sabaseal is available in the following colors*:

Kleuren Sabaseal

*We aim to show the color as accurately as possible on your screen, but this may differ from the actual product color, for example due to your screen settings (contrast, brightness, saturation and the type of screen). Please contact one of our specialists for color samples.

More information?

Please see the Sabaseal product page for more information on Sabaseal technical details, certificates and test reports.

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