07 June 2019

SABA makes major expansion at business park in Dinxperlo

SABA is a successful family business that operates internationally, with its own establishments in Dinxperlo (the Netherlands), Germany, the USA, Poland, Australia, Romania and China. The 180 employees worldwide, the company realises annual revenues of more than €85 million. SABA is growing in every sense: in terms of revenue, innovations and its workforce. Our aim is to commission a new plant for water-based adhesives (5,000m2), together with a new SABA office building on the Anholtseweg/Meniststraat in Dinxperlo, in the autumn of 2020.

Strong local engagement

The decision to build a new plant in Dinxperlo was the outcome of a process in which various locations were carefully considered: USA, elsewhere in Europe, and various places in the Netherlands. A decision has been made that SABA will remain based in Dinxperlo. This retains jobs for the region and the business park on this important access road for Dinxperlo will have an attractive appearance again.

The new building is a fine, positive development for SABA and for Dinxperlo. The strong local engagement has marked SABA for decades and is cherished for the future. SABA has informed its own employees, local residents, neighbouring companies and other stakeholders about the process in detail. The first sketches of ‘the new SABA’, designed by Te Kiefte Architecten, were presented at an information evening on 27 March.

Sustainable character

Sustainability is a key theme in the design. SABA is currently spread over two locations: Weversstraat and Meniststraat. The new building will create a single central location where all SABA functions are brought together again under one roof. In fact, the new buildings will adjoin the sealant plant newly built in 2013. They will be built with further growth in mind, but with as little negative impact for people and the environment as possible. The office building is energy-neutral and has a sedum roof. Solar panels provide for much of the energy needs of both the office and the plant. The structure and equipment of the production buildings will be state of the art and substantial investments will be made in new machinery and installations.

The ground floor of the office building will clearly show what SABA is all about: innovation and development. The laboratories will be clearly visible in a striking position and a great deal of space will be reserved for customers and business relations in the SABA Experience Center. An open working café will be realised, where employees and customers can share experiences in a single space. The outside of the office building has an organic form, with extensive use of natural materials. Light and space predominate in the design.

We are currently working hard on further development of the plans.
If you have any questions, please call:

Clementine Terhorst, Marketing
Wybren de Zwart, CEO
+31 (0)315 658999