16 March 2023

SABA contributes to the Totally Nuts project: cashew nut shells for developing adhesives and coating

At SABA, we take daily steps towards a more sustainable approach. For example, we are involved in research initiatives that seek alternatives to environmentally harmful substances, such as the Totally Nuts project, aimed at developing sustainable and economically feasible biobased epoxy thermal hardeners and composites from cashew nut shell residue.


The Totally Nuts project

How can we develop sustainable and economically feasible biobased epoxy thermal hardeners and composites from cashew nut shell residue? This is the question that all Totally Nuts project partners will focus on in the coming years.

To explain briefly, a thermal hardener is a material that becomes hard after processing and does not become soft again when heated. Thermal hardeners are widely used in our coatings and adhesives. However, they are still predominantly based on fossil, non-recyclable raw materials. The project group aims to change this!


Cashew nut shells in our adhesives?

During the Totally Nuts project, we are exploring the possibility of replacing fossil raw materials in thermal hardeners with cashew nut shells. These are currently discarded as waste or used as inefficient fuel.

But why this particular nut? The shell of cashew nuts contains an essential substance that can form the basis for a biobased epoxy thermal hardener: cardanol. The process of extracting cardanol also produces biocarbon. By mixing cardanol and biocarbon, a composite is formed that is expected to have improved mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties.

Who is involved?

As many as 4 knowledge institutions (Avans University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht University, and the Eindhoven University of Technology) are pooling their knowledge to make the Totally Nuts project a success. They are supported by multiple business partners, of which SABA is one.

We are proud to be able to contribute to this wonderful initiative! The success of this project serves as a catalyst for the development of sustainable solutions for our industry and contributes to the sustainable use of cashew nut residue.

Together towards "a sustainable bond"!

More information: https://www.coebbe.nl/projecten/totally-nuts-circulaire-biobased-thermoharders-van-cashewnotenschillen/