02 February 2022

Join us @ ISPA Expo 2022 booth #1522

Bond with SABA over a coffee at our booth (#1522) and witness first-hand our latest developments.

Take out your Super Suit!

It’s almost time for a special superhero gathering at ISPA EXPO in Orlando. This year, the superheroes of SABA will join this once every two years EXPO to give you exclusive insights into the powers of SABA’s invincible adhesives. Discover these extraordinary abilities at the world’s biggest mattress industry gathering with over 250 exhibitors. 

Our newest member

A new member just joined our superhero crew - meet Sabamelt 4750! A new hot melt adhesive, specifically developed for the North American market. Sabamelt 4750 is primarily used for manual gluing processes and has 
fast strength build up and low noise after curing. Want to check it out? Join us at ISPA EXPO and go to our superhero headquarters at booth #1522.

Meet our Superhero

To give you a little preview, these are the superhero abilities of one of our finest products: The Sababond® 3392

•    Strongest Bonds
•    Fastest Initial Tack
•    Conquers all Substrates 
•    Superhuman Endurance

Meet the Sababond® 3392

Join us now!

Are you just as excited as we are? Join us at ISPA EXPO. If you won’t be attending the EXPO or want a sneak peak at our new hot melts prior to the show, just let us know and we stand by to serve.