08 March 2019

CBD Furniture presents Suppliers Excellence Award to SABA China

We are proud that our respected client CBD furniture presented SABA China with their "Suppliers Excellence Award" consisting of an honorary credential and a money award. Shenzhen CBD Furniture Group was founded in 1993 and is now one of the largest enterprises in the Chinese bedding industry. CBD has more than 500 staff-owned design patents and about 4000 workers.


It's a tremendous honor to be selected out of over 100 active suppliers, to receive this award. We appreciate the confidence that CBD has in SABA and in changing to environmentally friendly adhesives. CBD has proven to be a true pioneer and leader in China in environmental innovation. We will find a wonderful place in our Guangzhou office to keep the award. Each time we look at the award we will be reminded of our great cooperation and how truly grateful we are to CBD furniture to have presented SABA with this prestigious award. We would like to thank all the staff of SABA too; in China and abroad, as well as PTL staff who contributed to this success.