Sealflex Voegafdichtingen BV: a unique detail solution

Ghent, Belgium

Sealflex Voegafdichtingen & SABA

The client was looking for a sealing system that would allow it to create a flexible and chemically resistant seal at the connection between the tank’s bottom plate and the tank’s foundation while keeping the welding seam accessible for inspection. The client tested no less than seven different sealing systems from various suppliers. The SABA Sealflex tank footing sealing system emerged as best from the test. The client’s project involves 17 fuel storage tanks that are to be sealed with a total joint length of approximately 2,500 meters. Sealflex Voegafdichtingen BV executed the contract in Ghent.

A project-specific solution

The way the SABA Sealflex system has been configured for this client makes it a uniquely detailed solution. The client wanted to be able to continue to inspect the welding seam. A sealing system normally covers this seam as well. The solution that best fits a specific situation depends on various factors. SABA is always happy to contribute its thinking about potential options and always provides advice concerning the use of the SABA Sealflex tank footing sealing system.

100% liquid-tight and chemically resistant bridging joints

The SABA Sealflex system is the ideal solution for bridging joints in the chemical, bio-chemical and petrochemical industry. The biggest advantage is that it seals joints completely liquid-tight, as well as completely chemically resistant. In addition, the system prevents moisture from infiltrating the space between the tank and the foundation and thus helps avoid corrosion. The SABA Sealflex system effortlessly absorbs tank movements and is able to absorb joint movements of more than 25% in the free play width without any problems.

The SABA Sealflex product range

SABA offers two bridging joint systems based on different sealants: 1 or 2-component and MS Polymer or polysulphide. The sealant that is ideal for sealing a tank’s footing depends on the chemical or micro-biological load. You have a choice depending on the applicable performance criteria. We are happy to assist you in assessing the options. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists without obligation for this purpose.

Sealflex Voegafdichtingen BV