RAPID, specialist in truck body construction, makes use of SABA's innovative booster technology

Ilsenburg, Germany


RAPID Leichtbau GmbH, located at the foot of the highest mountain in northern Germany, the 'Brocken', has been a loyal SABA customer for more than 20 years. RAPID specializes in the construction of lightweight truck bodies for small as well as larger trucks. The company uses various adhesives from the Sabatack® product range to bond the truck body, as well as the parts that must be affixed within it.

To be able to construct the truck bodies even easier and faster for their customers, they are now also making use of one of SABA's latest products: Sabatack® 950 Boost. Wolfgang Marquordt, Production Manager at RAPID, tells us more about why they chose this product and about their partnership with SABA over the past 20 years. 

RAPID's applications

RAPID's employees must give due consideration to weight during the truck body bonding process. The truck body must be as light as possible, but at the same time the structure must be stable. This is why they use MonoPan® composite materials to make the truck bodies. These are lightweight panels that provide excellent stability. They bond approximately 600 truck bodies every year using this type of material.

Shared values

For years, RAPID has been using Sabatack® 790 and Sabatack® Fast, in combination with SABA cleaners and primers, for bonding their truck bodies. Wolfgang Marquordt: ‘We first came into contact with SABA in 2003, during the Transport trade fair in Hanover, Germany. We are very satisfied about the quality of the adhesives. Quality and speed are two values that are highly prized by us and customers define us this way. SABA facilitates these values for us, because their adhesives are of high quality.’

Experience with Sabatack® 950 Boost

In 2022, SABA’s innovative booster technology, Sabatack® 950 Boost, was introduced for the first time to existing customers. RAPID immediately became enthusiastic about the benefits of this product and decided to conduct some tests. 

Wolfgang Marquordt: ‘After we conducted a number of tests, we were soon convinced of the benefits of this product. Sabatack® 950 Boost enables us to bond our materials even faster and we are also able to make use of a handier sealant gun. In addition, the product has a higher content, namely 600 ml compared to 490 ml. Another benefit is that this product produces much less waste in comparison to cartridges. But the nicest thing is that this product produces the same result as the other SABA products, with which we were already very satisfied.’

Worries away

During the discussion with Wolfgang Marquordt it becomes clear that he is very satisfied about the partnership with SABA and the products it provides. ‘I always sleep well at night, because I know that SABA's products provide an extremely strong bond. This means that I do not need to worry that there are some vehicles out there that might have some defects. Furthermore, it is very nice that one of SABA's employees provides onsite training at our location every year. This assures me that our employees are using the products the right way. As far as I am concerned, the partnership works very well for both companies!’

Would you like to get to know RAPID a little more? Click here for their website (German only).

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