Lansingerland-Zoetermeer station

Bleiswijk, the Netherlands

Sealing natural stone

Sealing natural stone is often a difficult job. There is a high risk of edge zone contamination and formation of spots. For a high quality, but also esthetic, seal, it is necessary to take account of the properties of this kind of stone. At the brand-new Lansingerland-Zoetermeer station, a natural stone floor was laid by Van Stokkum Natuursteen bv. This flooring was sealed with SABA Sealer Field. See the result here.


Van Stokkum Natuursteen bv., a specialist in realizing complex natural stone buildings, laid 4,000m2 of outdoor flooring at the station. For this, the company used Porfido Trentino stone. The use of this stone in a Romanesque setting is unusual in the Netherlands and is a real eyecatcher. Sealing the expansion joints called for a sealant that is permanently elastic, durable and resistant to heavy loads. ‘In order to be able to guarantee a good bond on natural stone, we first conducted a bonding test. SABA Sealer Field came out best in that test,’ says Bas van Gestel, manager at Van Stokkum bv. This is a sealant that not only has the above properties, but is also easy to maintain.

Natuurstenen vloer op station
Custom bonding test

The bonding test was performed on the basis of SABA’s peel test and assessed after artificial ageing tests, such as storing the substrate in water for several days and exposing it to 50% relative atmospheric humidity. After cleaning with Sabaclean 22 and pre-treatment with SABA Primer 9102, a strong bond was achieved with SABA Sealer Field on both the polished stone and the rough-finished natural stone. The result is a seal that is easy to maintain and that suits the highly durable character of the station.

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