DSA at Den Oever

Den Oever, Netherlands

DSA and SABA - Speed and efficiency

We don’t have to beat around the bush: work on infrastructure projects usually causes some inconvenience. So the faster and more efficiently that you can work, the sooner that car parks, airports and roads can be opened up again. The effect is less obstruction from infrastructure projects and less loss of income for customers. Read more here if you would like to work faster and more efficiently too.

Faster with SABA Sealer Fast

In smaller projects, the curing time of the sealant is a determining factor for the duration of the work. With shorter curing times, projects can be completed and released faster. The curing time of SABA Sealer Fast is just four hours on average, compared with 24 hours for frequently-used sealants, with all the added benefits.

SABA Sealer Fast
SABA Sealer Fast with sealant application trailer
A trailer full of efficiency

With faster curing, the bottleneck in the working process moves from the curing time to the duration of the work. With larger projects, the efficiency of the working process is certainly a determining factor for how long it takes.
DSA realized that too, and therefore started the development of its special sealant application trailer. Fully equipped with a hydraulic sealant pump, dosing security, aggregate, buffer containers and a sealant lance, the sealant application trailer in combination with SABA Sealer Fast leads to an enormous improvement in efficiency. The sealant application trailer is shown in action below.

DSA at Den Oever