Whether you are active in construction or industry, the adhesives and sealants that you use have to meet stringent requirements. SABA is a producer of high-quality and technically progressive adhesives and sealants. With our knowledge of adhesion and sealing, we are happy to help you optimise your processes, so that you produce better end-products or projects at lower total costs and in a safer working environment. In this way, we work together to strengthen your competitive position.

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SABA’s strong bond with its customers & employees

  • "We have for years enjoyed close cooperative relations with the SABA company, whose high-quality products have proved themselves in the market. Their competent sales service has provided prompt competent and expert information on innovations and their potential uses."

    Bertram Hagenkötter, Technical Director, Lübbering Umwelttechnik (Lübbering Environmental Technology) GmbH

  • "Just switched to the new SABA system and it's day and night from the previous. There's no overspray and it tacks almost instantly. My employees love it and I have no complaints. It's very easy to use and works great. I highly recommend it."

    Igal Rosenberg, President, Comfort Bedding Mfg. Inc.

  • "The service we receive from all corners of the SABA organisation is at a consistently high professional level, prompt and with a friendly smile. Quality, reliability and partnership are obvious key words. We feel very comfortable developing our business further with SABA."

    Jens Berger Petersen, Technical Manager, Ljungdahl

  • "Working with SABA means enjoyment and peace of mind. Enjoyment, due to the excellent personal and professional relationship which continues to develop thanks to the efforts of its extensive team of technical/sales managers and customer support department. And peace of mind because you can count on SABA meeting all its commitments."

    Juan Talavera, Civil Engineer, Brakel Construction Products

  • 'SABA is a wonderful company with a strong international position. The challenge for me is to continue to develop this position, together with our employees and customers, and to work to achieve market leadership in our chosen markets.'

    Wybren de Zwart, Managing Director, SABA Dinxperlo BV and Chairman of Vereniging van Lijmen en Kitten (Adhesives and Sealants Association) (VLK)

  • 'Helping customers with innovative products and processes is the driving force for SABA's R&D. Looking ahead beyond the boundaries and combining the chemical and technical knowledge and experience with customer-orientation lead to shared success.'

    Erik Bouwman, Head of Research & Development Business Unit Building & Construction and Works Council Secretary, SABA Dinxperlo BV

  • 'The key to the continued success of SABA North America is its people. Each member of the team is unique with different strengths and talents, but it has become one comprehensive unit all pulling in the same direction which has led to a level of customer satisfaction that is simply extraordinary.'

    Jim Turner, President, SABA North America LLC


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