Heijmans & SABA: renovation of container transshipment site

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

27 kilometers sealed off fast and safely

As one of the biggest ports in the world, Rotterdam is a place where speed and innovation are extremely important. Every year, 470 million tons of goods are transshipped via the port of Rotterdam. So the port is continually in operation. For that reason, the maintenance and management of the infrastructure have to be organized to ensure that goods transportation can always keep going.

Track formation at the container transshipment site

On commission from the Rotterdam transshipment company Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT), Heijmans renovated part of the transshipment area at the ECT Delta terminal. ECT is one of the biggest container terminal operators in Europe. Automatically controlled vehicles drive along fixed routes across the container transshipment site. The high wheel load and intensive use led to track formation in the asphalt. The problem was worsening all the time, particularly where routes crossed. So there was good reason to take action.

Always in operation

Niko Veer, Project Manager at Heijmans Road Specialisms, offered ECT a solution: '186,000 mof non-reinforced concrete with slab dimensions of 5m x 5m and dowel joints all round, sealed with SABA Sealer Field.' This concrete field, combined with the sealant, can withstand the high wheel load and is resistant to oil leaks. 'Speed also plays a major role.' Interruptions to the daily work at the terminal must be kept to the minimum possible. Through the use of an application cart with a lance, the product was applied at top speed. As a result, there was no obstruction to the transportation.

Chemically resistant and permanently elastic

The result is a chemically resistant and permanently elastic seal with a reference period of 25 years. In a tour of the site, two sealant appliers from Heijmans show how SABA Sealer Field is applied in this project. The video below shows how this works.

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