SABA Sealer MB

  • Self-levelling, permanently elastic sealant with high chemical resistance, based on polysulphide (2-component)
  • Impermeable sealant
  • Resistant to defined motor fuels, solvents and chemicals
  • Resistant to extreme climate/weather conditions
  • Durable elastic seal

SABA Sealer MB
SABA Sealer MB
Description SABA Sealer MB is a highly chemically resistant and permanently elastic sealant. Solventfree, self-levelling and UV stable, based on polysulphide (2-component). Easy to process, with little or no shrinkage and durably applicable as a result of excellent elastic recovery following loading within the maximum permissible deformation.

SABA Sealer MB was developed for elastic, liquid-proof sealing of horizontal (expansion) joints with a maximum gradient of approximately 4%. Suitable for installations for storage, filling or treatment of substances that are hazardous for watery environments and/or where (temporary) high chemical resistance is required, such as at petrol stations, chemical plants and emergency reservoirs. Also suitable for normal or fuel-resistant (expansion) joints in paving constructions of (prefabricated) elements such as those used in motorways, highways, parking facilities, bridge decks, airports, industrial floors and/or other surfaces for driving.
Technical details
Colours (standard) grey, black
Packaging sets (A + B component) of 2,5 litres, 7,5 litres, 15 litres and 20 litres
Max. permissible deformation (ISO 11600) ≈ 25%
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  • CE marking based on EN 14188-2, class A-D
  • Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung Z-74.6-150 issued by DIBt, SABA sealant system for joints in installations for storage, filling or treatment of substances that are hazardous for watery environments
  • Meets the FS S-SS 200E specification for application to airports
  • Orzeczenie ITWL nr 5/24/2007 o przydatności do nawierzchni lotniskowych
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Application SABA Sealer MB

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