SABA Zero Overspray

SABA Zero Overspray adhesive application system

Applying water-based adhesives, even via the most efficient traditional spray gun technology, can result in a great deal of overspray. The result is a contaminated working environment, reduced safety and inefficient use of the adhesive. With a transfer efficiency of 100%, SABA Zero Overspray is a powerful innovation! The combination of SABA’s breakthrough EZ-mix Green spray gun technology and SABA’s specifically designed adhesive formulations makes “the impossible possible”: not a gram of adhesive is lost to overspray. In other words, maximum transfer efficiency.

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Transfer efficiency

SABA Zero Overspray provides clean and safe working environment due to the Transfer Efficiency provided by our unique spray gun technology. This simply means that all of the adhesives dispersed from the spray gun is applied to the surface of the substrate to be bonded. See the technology in action for yourself!


  • Maximum Transfer Efficiency
  • Instant tack
  • Cleaner and safer working environment
  • Substantially lower adhesive use

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