What is the difference between adhesive drying and curing?

We regularly see the terms ‘drying’ and ‘curing’ used interchangeably. And although we know what is meant, the two terms mean different things. For from a chemical point of view, one is certainly not the same as the other. But what does it mean when we talk about drying and curing?

Drying and curing


In simple terms, drying is the loss of all liquid components from the adhesive layer applied. This not only means the evaporation of the carrier (the water or solvent added to make the adhesive liquid), but also the liquid absorbed by the foam. This physical process is also known as ‘bonding’.


Curing is a chemical process in which the adhesives crystallizes completely. The adhesive then attains its final properties and builds up its final strength. The characteristics of the adhesive also change through this process, literally forming ‘a strong bond’.

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