18 February 2022

Successful production trials in SABA's new factory

The move to the new office building is approaching quickly. Everyone is beginning to think about what needs to be taken. Not only will the desks and coffee machines move with us, but also the production process of our products.

Product trials in the new building

Since mid-January, SABA began the first test trials in the new factory. This will ensure the factory can run at full capacity to produce the best products, when construction is complete. Departments such as R&D, QC and Process Engineering carried out extensive application tests to investigate whether the finished products met SABA's quality requirements. Fortunately, the tests were successful! The first tests show that the quality of the products are "Very good.” “The products are stable and meet all required specifications,” per Bob de Graaf, Team Lead Quality Control. Bob is very pleased, proud and satisfied with the first batches from the new factory.

Multiple batches at the same time

To properly investigate whether the products could attain the right quality, a test has begun in which two batches were produced at the same time. The products were produced in both the old and new factory. The same production process was performed while using identical raw materials ensuring everything was exactly the same between the two batches. The next step is to review any deviations. If there are any discrepancies, we will be able to detect this at an early stage. The production of the batches are complete, and we have been busy performing various tests. SABA plans on leaving nothing to chance!