22 October 2023

SABA celebrates 90 years!

We are delighted to be able to celebrate a special milestone: SABA's 90th anniversary! For 90 years we have been devoted to supplying high-quality products and stimulating innovation within the industry. This year provides us an opportunity to look back at our rich history and to look forward to an even more successful future.

Thank you on behalf of our CEO

‘Our relationships with you are of inestimable value to our success. For the past 90 years, our company has built on the strength of partnership. We would like to thank you for your constant trust and cooperation. We are looking forward to a future filled with innovation and success, together with you.’ 

Wybren de Zwart 


90 years 'a strong bond' 

SABA's story began on October 25, 1933, the year in which Salm and Baruch first created a bond. Since then a strong bond has been part of the SABA family business' DNA. It is the basis for our daily way of working and how our company has evolved over the years.

SABA, as a small artisanal enterprise, initially focused on the production of polishes and adhesives for shoemakers. In 1948, the first chemist was hired to focus on the creation of new products that form the basis of our products today.

Every day, we aim for products of the highest quality. We achieve this through close cooperation and, as a tight team, by combining our knowledge and skills. The term 'a strong bond' not only reflects the performance of our products, but it also reflects the durable relationships we develop with our customers and partners.

We are grateful that you are part of our story. Cheers! To many more years of excellent cooperation.