Together with SABA, Pro Seating constantly checks to see where things can be improved.

Helmond, Netherlands

Pro Seating: a long-term partnership with SABA

For more than 15 years, SABA's adhesives have proven themselves in Pro Seating's products. It is a long-term partnership in which the quality of the end product is leading. Together with SABA, Pro Seating constantly checks to see where things can be improved. The switch from solvent-based adhesives to water-based adhesives, operator training and faster production methods are all examples of this.

Specialist in seating comfort

Pro Seating specializes in seating comfort and produces various products, including wheelchair cushions, seating and backrest systems for wheelchairs, and cushions for medical treatment chairs. These products are entirely custom-made by the company using its own molded foam. Frank Verwijmeren, Manager Pro Seating: ‘We distinguish ourselves by our rapid delivery times. Using a tight and optimized production process, our custom-made items leave here within three days.’ Pro Seating uses SABA adhesives for bonding all of its molded foam.


From solvent-based to water-based adhesives

The switch from solvent-based adhesives to water-based adhesives has been a hot topic for furnituremakers for many years. This was also true for Pro Seating. In 2018 Frank Verwijmeren started working on a business risk identification and evaluation (RI&E). An RI&E provides a company with insight into its way of working and involves preparing a plan for making improvements on the shop floor. The conclusion quickly became clear: the use of water-based adhesives, instead of solvent-based adhesives, would be a major improvement. According to Frank there were two reasons for this: ‘From an occupational health & safety, as well as environmentally friendly, perspective, water-based adhesives simply are a better solution. It is better for our people and it is also better for the environment.’ Pro Seating consequently decided to look for the right water-based adhesive system.

Custom solution

Naturally, a change of this nature requires the production process to be adjusted. Pro Seating investigated the possibilities together with SABA. ‘After various tests and trials we, and our people in production, became enthusiastic about the SABA adhesives. They are easy to use and they are of high quality,’ says Frank. ‘At the time we also engaged a number of other suppliers of adhesives in discussion. Due to its technical support and the customized installation, we opted for SABA.’ Every year, a SABA employee visits the company to provide technical support, training and to remedy any malfunctions.