Everseal B.V.: air-tight sealing with SABA Bengseal

Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands

Everseal & SABA

Airtightness is an important theme in the construction industry. In order to be able to comply with Dutch law and because of SABA’s desire to contribute towards a better environment, SABA has developed a new product in collaboration with Michel van den Heuvel, Director of Everseal: SABA Bengseal

Everseal is a sealant application business specialized in professional sealing techniques and works with the top 10 contractors in the Netherlands. The main objective of the development was to make a product with which full compliance with the Dutch legislation is possible. In this way, both SABA and Everseal contribute towards better insulated, energy-efficient buildings.

The development of SABA Bengseal

Sustainability is becoming more important world-wide. When a building is airtight, it will lose less energy. In order to contribute more towards this, SABA has developed a new sealing product. Together with Michel van de Heuvel, tests were conducted in order to be able to ensure the best quality. 

Everseal had three important requirements: the coating must comply with the Dutch statutory requirements, must quickly be both sprayable and brushable and the coating must have a high degree of user convenience. The existing airtightness products in the market did not meet all three of the requirements that Michel van den Heuvel had in mind. This is why he enlisted SABA’s help. Thanks to the application assessments of Everseal, SABA is launching a sealing product that fully complies with the client’s requirements.

Air permeability tests

The air permeability of SABA Bengseal was tested in accordance with EN12114. During this test, a joint sealed with SABA Bengseal was tested for leaks according to a fixed air pressure protocol. 

The leakage with SABA Bengseal was negligible. So a resounding success! This was also shown when Everseal applied Bengseal during a major project. The blower tests showed that all seals more than met the airtightness requirements set. 

The highest quality

‘Bengseal fully meets our requirements,’ Michel says when asked about the quality of SABA Bengseal. ‘Our professionals are very satisfied. They are the people who work with the product for whole days, so their opinion counts the most.’ 

The product complies with the Dutch statutory requirements and in addition, according to Michel and his employees, offers high user convenience. Appliance is fast and simple, the bonding to the substrate is excellent, and thanks to the product properties, the seal remains elastic. 

‘I am very pleased to have realized this product together with SABA. We have an excellent partnership. Questions are answered quickly and recommendations are treated seriously. SABA not only considers the commercial level but also shares ideas on technical solutions. A great deal of technical know-how is present, which makes SABA a great sparring partner.’

Michel’s tips & tricks for SABA Bengseal

After frequent tests and use of SABA Bengseal Michel van den Heuvel has a number of tips and tricks for working with the product. ‘Not only can an airtight seal be created with SABA Bengseal, but the product can be applied in different ways: 

1) Packing steel anchors in with SABA Bengseal protects them against the negative effects of moisture and prevents oxidation;

2) SABA Bengseal can be applied more deeply between cavity walls, for instance in order to then fit a curtain board;

3) At a project in Amsterdam, we sealed window frames with SABA Bengseal (the bottoms), Sabaprotect M500 (the tops) and Sababuild 650 (the sides). In this way, the HSB element is sealed to become noise-proof, airtight and smoke and fire resistant;

4) The unique feature of SABA Bengseal is that it can be applied to both the inside and the outside of a detail.’

"‘Choosing a high-quality product that ensures that the building is airtight, offers more living comfort, lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. This is achieved with SABA Bengseal.’" Michel van den Heuvel Director Everseal
Michel van den Heuvel