Don't miss out! Airport Show 2018


Don't miss out! Airport Show 2018

DICEC, Dubai, 7-9 May

Airport construction projects are usually under great time pressure. Time is money, certainly in your business. It is therefore important that air traffic suffers as little as possible from maintenance and repairs. At Airport Show, the world's largest annual airport exhibition, we are excited to share our latest expertise in sealants. We focus on the efficient processing and fast curing of our products in order to make runways quickly accessible again.

Airport operators and technical/maintenance personnel are continually faced with problems involving concrete runways, aprons, washing area's and loading/unloading platforms. These floors are often driven over by heavy equipment, are exposed to changing (weather) conditions and to micro-biological or chemical influences.

We are happy to provide you a substantial improvement in the joint seals in concrete aprons and taxi/landing runways, resulting in lower total costs and higher returns on your airport.

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