SABA adhesives & sealants

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Professional adhesives and sealants for the transportation and automotive industries 

SABA develops and produces adhesive and sealing products for the transportation industry. SABA’s Sabatack® MS Polymer technology-based products are highly versatile and have a wide range of applications. In addition, SABA also offers high-quality contact adhesives and 2-component polyurethane adhesives.
Below you will find more information about these adhesive technologies and their benefits.

Bonding with MS Polymer sealants

At SABA, adhesive sealants based on MS Polymer (modified silane polyether), carry the Sustainable Bond logo, which, among other things, means that they do not have any hazard labels. Other benefits of MS Polymer sealants for the transportation industry:
  • Primer-free bond;
  • Can be coated wet-on-wet;
  • Weather and UV resistant;
  • Excellent strength and elasticity;
  • No blistering during curing process.
  • On the way to ‘A sustainable bond’.

High-quality contact adhesives for the transportation industry

Contact adhesives create an immediate bond when materials are joined. SABA’s contact adhesives are used to bond interior and covering materials, such as leather, foam, textiles, stainless steel and PP. Benefits of SABA contact adhesives:
  • Can be applied using brush or can be sprayed;
  • Universally applicable;
  • Strong and durable bond.

2C-Polyurethane contact adhesives for the transportation industry 

2C-Polyurethane (PU) adhesive is a reactive adhesive available in various versions. For example, as a floor coating or as a pure adhesive. In the transportation segment, Sabapur is primarily used for the production and bonding of sandwich panels. Other benefits:
  • Excellent filling capacity;
  • Rigid bond.

Ask our experts for advice!

Together with you, we consider your requirements and which adhesives will lead to the best result. Thanks to our wide product range, we can offer the best solution for you in every situation. Ask one of our experts for advice.

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