Sababond 3670

  • Does not discolour when subjected to UV light and heat
  • Very soft bondline
  • High temperature resistance
  • In many cases, the product can be applied one-sidedly

Sababond 3670
Description Sababond products are water-based adhesives based on synthetic raw materials, such as Acrylate, CR, EVA, NR and PU. These adhesives are characterised by their ease of use, high yield and by the soft, durable bonds they create.

Sababond 3670 is primarily used in the furniture industry and foam converting industry. This product is widely applicable and can be used to bond foam to foam, and to other substrates commonly used in these industries.
Technical details
Solids content ≈ 44%
Open time ≈ 15 minutes
Temperature resistance up to ≈ +100°C
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  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified ®
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