SABA Adhesives and sealants

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Adhesives and sealants for professional use in the construction industry and in industry

SABA’s joint and sealant systems are developed for the professional market. Within this market, SABA serves various segments with products for a wide range of applications. Because every adhesive and sealant technology has its own unique properties and characteristics, SABA uses various technologies as the basis for its product development. The benefits and drawbacks of a number of commonly occurring product technologies are enumerated and explained below.

What are MS Polymer sealants?

Sealant made from modified silane molecules, better known as MS Polymer, is a sealant that cures on contact with (atmospheric) humidity and is known for its broad bonding spectrum and use in a wide range of situations. SABA MS Polymer sealants with the following properties and applications are available:

-    Cures on contact with (atmospheric) humidity;
-    Permanently elastic;
-    No blistering during the curing process;
-    (Micro)biologically resistant;
-    Liquid-resistant and liquid-tight applications;
-    Smoke and fire-resistant applications.

What are polysulphide sealants?

Polysulphide sealants are mainly available in 2-component versions. A 2-component polysulphide sealant starts curing as a result of the chemical reaction created when the first (A) and second (B) components are mixed. This is why the two components are mixed just before application. Properties and applications of SABA polysulphide sealants:

-    Weatherproof;
-    Chemically resistant;
-    Excellent strength and permanently elastic;
-    Elevated chemically resistant sealant (motor fuels, solvents, biochemical substances);

What are alkoxy silicone sealants?

Epoxy polysulfide (EPS), is a 2-component solution that is mainly used to, for example, fill cracks. In addition to filling cracks, holes and damaged surfaces, EPS is also suitable for use as an anti-corrosion coating. General properties and applications of EPS:

1.    High chemical resistance;
2.    Strong / mechanically loadable;
3.    Bonds well with concrete;
4.    Combines well with polysulphide;
5.    Suitable for use in oil and grease removers/traps.


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