Q-Lab Arizona: SABA adhesives and sealants subject to external UV tests

During their service life, adhesives and sealants can be exposed to all kinds of extreme climatological influences. High temperatures in the Oman desert or freezing cold in Scandinavia, exposure to high‑energy UV radiation (sunlight), salts during winter, humidity, water, ice, etc. As well as exposure to the climate, there are also mechanical loads, such as fatigue. These include extremely long dynamic or variable loads, including very frequent stops and starts of public transport buses, metros and trams. 

SABA offers many possibilities to conduct accelerated ageing tests. The tests include simulations of extreme conditions including heat, humidity, oxygen, sunlight and vibrations. This can provide a relatively fast impression of the long-term effects of certain stresses. Our Research & Development team uses standardized ageing methods in accordance with standards including DIN and ASTM, which are accepted worldwide. If required, we also work in close collaboration with external testing institutes or universities for specific tests. One example of this is the Q-Lab in Arizona (USA).

Q-Lab Arizona

One of the biggest test facilities in the world for desert exposure.

Wall joints are continuously exposed to UV radiation.

The Sabatack®, Sababuild® and SABA Ecoseal series are tested externally in Arizona (USA) in accordance with ASTM G7-13. The Q-Lab in Arizona is one of the biggest test facilities in the world for desert exposure. The contract test services are ISO 17025 accredited.

Arizona is an internationally recognized benchmark location for outdoor weathering, due to the year-round high sunlight intensity and high temperatures. In summer, the air temperature in Arizona can reach 46°C. 

The tested SABA-products are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions (less cracking, less chalking, discoloration and minimum dirt absorption) in comparison with other regular adhesives and sealants in the market.

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