New: Sabaprotect M500 fully tested and classified

At SABA, we know better than anyone that fire safety is a fundamental aspect of responsible and comfortable living, working or staying in a building. A fire can have serious consequences for people’s health and safety.

Sabaprotect M500 is a state-of-the-art, fully classified system for fire-resistant sealing of expansion joints and construction joints.Tested on 8 configurations and therefore suitable for the latest construction methods.

Sabaprotect M500 has very low emissions, carries no hazard symbols and can be applied without risk. Ideally suited for projects in which sustainability is an important criterion, including BREAAM projects.

Fire-resistant and elastic joints with Sabaprotect M500

Sabaprotect M500 complies with the fire resistance requirements for sealants. A brief description of the tested configurations is included in this summary.

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