Boost your mattress production with ultracompression

Ultracompression is increasingly more often used in the mattress production process. There is a major increase in the production of roll-up mattresses, primarily due to the emergence of the e-commerce market. Ultracompression is an extra step that provides for the smallest possible end-product that fits into a shopping cart, and can also result in transportation and storage cost savings. 

What is ultracompression?

Ultracompression is the last step in the production process during which the mattress is reduced to the smallest possible package size. This technology can be applied over and above other existing compression technologies to create an even smaller end-product. Put in simple terms, ultracompression consists of rolling up the mattress one more time. This is done as follows: the bonded sandwich mattress is completely flattened and sealed with an initial packing layer. Next the mattress is rolled up, after which it is rolled up lengthwise one more time. This technique makes it possible to transport or store the mattress as a very small package, which yields financial benefits.

Mattresses recovery

The ultracompression puts tremendous stress on the adhesive bond. This is why SABA has developed a special adhesive technology that gains extra strength during compression and when the mattrass is rolled up. Another just as important property of this adhesive is that it contributes to enabling the mattress to recover its original shape after it is unpacked. When the mattress is removed from its packaging and rolled out, it will recover its original shape after a few hours. Our ultracompression/compression adhesive technology ensures the mattress recovers perfectly.

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Benefits of ultracompression

The major benefit of ultracompression is that you can transport and store more mattresses because the mattress is folded and rolled up into a very small package. This considerably reduces transportation and/or storage costs. The more efficient transportation of mattresses makes it possible to meet increased demand without incurring increased transportation costs. Another benefit of ultracompression is that the end-product is reduced to a size that easily fits into a shopping cart. As a result, this technology is not only suitable for e-commerce, it is also very handy for brick-and-mortar retail shops, where the consumer can immediately pay for and take along the mattress.

Which technology is most suitable?

Which technology is most suitable for a mattress production process depends on different factors such as capacity, take-up, size, budget and the current production process. We are seeing that Produce & Pack and ultracompression are often used in production processes that involve the manufacture of high numbers of mattresses per day, often for e-commerce purposes. But the Cure in Package process is also on the upswing. 

Produce & Pack

The Produce & Pack process adds a forced drying step to the mattress production process. This step eliminates most of the water contained in the water-based adhesive, while still providing for excellent adhesive transfer properties and optimal bonding strength. The foam is heated to approximately 60-80C in a very short period of time so that the water in the adhesive evaporates. The acceleration of the drying time results in storage cost savings. Combined with roll-up packaging and immediate shipment this is a perfect solution for the e-commerce market.

Cure in Package

The Cure in Package process makes use of adhesives that due to their high concentration of solids do not require a forced drying step. The adhesive’s composition, the sparing use of adhesive, the compression and immediate packing ensure that the adhesive bonds. The sparing use of adhesive helps prevent problems during the foam’s recovery. In addition, in combination with the removal of air in the packed mattress during the roll-up process, it eliminates the opportunity for microbial growth. 

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A unique mattress production process

Because every mattress production process is unique, a different technology is most optimal for every process as well. Ultracompression is an efficient extra step that reduces transportation costs and reduces the mattress to shopping cart size. Whether ultracompression can also be applied as part of your production process depends on different factors. For example, is your process fully automated? Is there a waiting time between different production steps? Is you process in-line or does the mattress have to be lifted up during the process? Every process is unique. Therefore do not hesitate to contact SABA’s specialists without obligation to assess whether ultracompression can be integrated into your production process.


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