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We go the extra mile for you. Literally, SABA offers you an extensive network of sales offices and carefully selected distributors and agents. They ensure that you can make use of SABA products and advice anywhere in the world.

Strong local representation

We may be a global player, but we cherish our local presence. You do business with a local partner who knows your market, speaks your language and is close to you! Find your local SABA sales office, distributor, or agent on the basis of an application and country via our search module.

SABA North America LLC
2237 Wadhams Road
US-Kimball, MI 48074
T +1 810 824 4964
F +1 810 824 4986
E [email protected]

SABA Pacific PTY Ltd.
10 - 12 Walter St
Moorabbin, Victoria
3189, Australia
T +61 427 162 064
E [email protected]

SABA Dinxperlo BV, head office
Industriestraat 3
NL-7091 DC Dinxperlo
T +31 (0)315 658 999
F +31 (0)315 653 207
E [email protected]

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