Furniture adhesives at the highest level

SABA stands for top quality in furniture adhesives. This is why generations of furniture producers all over the world use our adhesives. Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal for perfect results. Our attention to the application of the adhesive is unique: we develop smart, professional adhesive systems for furniture adhesion, with an optimal balance between the best quality and the lowest adhesive use.

As long ago as the 1980s, SABA introduced the furniture industry to water-based adhesives with direct bonding power. A global innovation and a technological milestone that has since developed into the modern standard in the furniture industry: Sababond, the first and the best!

Water-based furniture adhesives

The furniture industry has been using SABA adhesives for decades. We have therefore built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of furniture adhesives, which we use to continually develop our technology further. Ease of use, safety and efficiency are our primary principles here. SABA's water-based adhesives comply with many requirements, both in the field of fast and effective application and in relation to sustainability and the lowest possible environmental footprint for furniture adhesives. For example, overspray is kept to a minimum for the sprayable adhesives, or is non-existent, thanks to maximum transfer efficiency*! Read more about the unique SABA Zero Overspray concept.

Wide range of applications

You will find SABA adhesives in the most diverse types of comfort and project furniture, such as furniture for private use and furniture in offices, nursing homes and hospitals, educational institutes, churches and airports. Adhesives used for production of chairs for means of transport also fall into this category. These include foam bonding for seating applications: seats for buses, trucks, aircraft, cruise ships and trains.

Top-quality furniture adhesives

Precisely because of the multitude of different applications, furniture adhesion is a highly specialized professional field. Furniture is made of very different types of materials and its intensive use makes heavy demands on the adhesion. For example, the adhesive joints must be resistant to high temperatures and odor-free and project furniture has to be resistant to regular cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents. SABA adhesives more than meet these requirements. Proven technology and long practical experience guarantee you the best results!

* Transfer efficiency is the volume of adhesive that bonds with the surface in relation to the volume sprayed towards the surface via the nozzle.

SABA’s strong bond with its customers
  • "Just switched to the new SABA system and it's day and night from the previous. There's no overspray and it tacks almost instantly. My employees love it and I have no complaints. It's very easy to use and works great. I highly recommend it."

    Igal Rosenberg, CEO, Comfort Bedding Mfg. Inc.

  • "SABA has been a great vendor partner of ours for the past few years and have been great to work with. They have been involved in our production process and have been hands on with the setup, implementation and maintenance of their products and services."

    Rizwan Sunderji, President, Sleeptronic