Road transport

Adhesives and sealants for the transport industry

Innovative adhesives and sealants for the transport industry. That is what we stand for at SABA. With an extensive R&D team and more than 80 years of experience, we are the partner for vehicle manufacturers in the transport industry. Whether this involves adhesive and sealant products for the production and assembly of trailers, ambulances, buses, excavators or caravans, tanks to close partnerships, we supply the best adhesive and sealant systems for every process. We provide you with personal, customised advice on complete, cost-efficient solutions. In this way, we realise a strong bond, in both technical and personal terms.

Adhesive and sealant products for vehicle production

In the production of vehicles for the transport industry, such as the production of courier vans, refrigerated trucks, campers and touring cars, connecting systems form an important part of the overall construction. An adhesive bond offers significant advantages over mechanical fastenings such as welded, riveted or screwed attachments:

  • greater design freedom
  • more even stress distribution
  • simple absorption of tolerances
  • no damage to the materials
  • weight savings
  • fast and simple application
  • visually more attractive
  • significantly improved noise and vibration attenuation
  • fewer corrosion problems

MS Polymer

SABA has for years been a leader in the automotive industry. We develop and produce adhesive and sealant products with unique properties for the transport industry. The emphasis here lies on MS Polymer technology, with Sabatack ® being the main product line. Thanks to continual in-house research and development, devoting special attention to process security, sustainability, simple processing and reliability, SABA products are of exceptionally high quality and we always offer a user and environmentally-friendly solution.

Adhesives and sealants for a more efficient process

Our progressive R&D team and our technically skilled sales representatives contribute ideas on optimising your production process. We research ways to realise bonds and seals more simply, with constant high quality. And we always test our adhesives and sealants in practice on the materials used in your production environment. Our SABA application specialists also provide expert advice on the optimal deployment of application equipment and machinery. They are also always ready to support your staff with answers to queries and training in bonding and sealing processes. In this way, we contribute towards a more efficient and effective production process in the assembly of trailers, caravans and campers, buses and coaches, construction machines and special vehicles.

SABA’s strong bond with its customers
  • "The service we receive from all corners of the SABA organisation is at a consistently high professional level, prompt and with a friendly smile. Quality, reliability and partnership are obvious key words. We feel very comfortable developing our business further with SABA."

    Mr Jens Berger Petersen, Technical Manager, Ljungdahl