Rail transport

Adhesives and sealants for tram and train manufacturing

In the production of railway vehicles such as trains, trams and underground trains, the safety and comfort of the passengers takes priority. You therefore want to be sure that you use adhesives and sealants that are durable, strong, flexible and safe. SABA's range of adhesives and sealants meets these requirements extremely well. Our adhesives and sealants are used in the manufacture of trams, trains and underground trains in various parts of the world, from high-speed trains to mail cars. We meet the most stringent quality standards here - SABA has stood for high quality products for more than 80 years. Naturally, we are happy to provide you with technical support. Our technically trained sales representatives and application specialists are happy to share ideas with you on optimising your production process.

Fire resistant in compliance with EN 45545-2

Fire safety plays an increasingly important role in rail transport. This was a reason for SABA to develop an MS polymer that complies with EN 45545-2 – the latest European standard for fire safety in rail transport. This MS polymer is suitable for both bonding and sealing. Ideal for application in trains, underground trains and trams.

The ideal adhesives and sealants for the production of trains, trams and underground trains

SABA has for years supplied an extensive range of adhesives and sealants for the transport industry. In the production of trams, trains and underground trains, these are used for applications including bonding profiles, panels and windows and sealing roof and floor plates. Adhesives and sealants offer important advantages in comparison with conventional mechanical attachment materials: they are visually more attractive, are far lighter than metal screws and are not sensitive to corrosion. Furthermore, our adhesives and sealants for train and tram manufacturing can be applied accurately, remain elastic for a long time and can be painted in many cases. They also have excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and precipitation. And naturally, our adhesives and sealants provide for strong, water-proof and attenuating bonding and sealing for many plastic and metal parts.

Sabatack® adhesives and sealants

At SABA, we develop our adhesives and sealants for tram and train manufacturing on the basis of market needs and requirements. We do this in our own Research and Development department, where we work to a high quality standard and thoroughly test our adhesives and sealants.
The main product line for tram, train and underground train manufacturing is Sabatack ®, an extensive range of MS Polymer products. These adhesive and sealing products are also user and environment-friendly, of constant quality, practical to process and offer various technical advantages.

Custom advice on adhesives and sealants

With custom advice on adhesives and sealants, you know for sure which adhesive or sealant fits best within your production process. We are also happy to conduct tests for you in our R&D lab, to see which product best suits the production materials that you use. We then immediately share ideas with you on how you can bond and seal the materials faster and more securely. Our SABA application specialists will be happy to assist you with this. They can also assist you with advice on processing equipment and training for your staff.

SABA’s strong bond with its customers
  • "The service we receive from all corners of the SABA organisation is at a consistently high professional level, prompt and with a friendly smile. Quality, reliability and partnership are obvious key words. We feel very comfortable developing our business further with SABA."

    Mr Jens Berger Petersen, Technical Manager, Ljungdahl

  • "In two respects, working with SABA means enjoyment and peace of mind. Enjoyment, due to the excellent personal and professional relationship which continues to develop thanks to the efforts of its extensive team of technical/sales managers and customer support department. And peace of mind because you can count on SABA meeting all its commitments and even exceeding your expectations. SABA takes on our goals and strives to attain them as much as we do."

    Juan Talavera, Civil Engineer, Brakel Construction Products