Mattress adhesive: quality adhesives for mattress bonding

As a mattress producer, you want to supply the best quality for the lowest possible processing costs. At SABA, we therefore continue innovative development of our proven technology. The result: a top quality mattress adhesive with the lowest application costs. Our adhesive is color-fast, durable, economical, fast and easy to process. Which means maximum efficiency.

Do you want to apply mattress adhesive semi-automatically, automatically or manually? Using spray or roller application? And do you prefer waterborne mattress adhesive or a hot-melt adhesive? At SABA, you will always find the perfect adhesive for your mattresses. Our experienced team of adhesive and application specialists will be happy to advise you.

The ideal adhesive for mattress bonding

Above all, a mattress needs to be comfortable. So a permanently flexible adhesive joint is essential. But of course, durability is also extremely important. SABA's mattress adhesive offers both, and we also combine this high quality with fast and clean processing.
A distinguishing feature of our approach? We see mattress bonding as an integral part of your overall production process, in which we focus on process improvement. And that produces results, for in practice, our mattress adhesives lead to spectacular savings.

Revolutionary properties

At SABA, you can choose from an extensive high-quality range of foam bonding products with revolutionary properties. SABA means exceptionally low adhesive use and creating soft and durable bonds. Our mattress adhesive is also highly efficient to use. SABA has developed a world-wide breakthrough in clean processing. SABA Zero Overspray offers maximum transfer efficiency and a clean production environment.
Our developers take account of the many different materials used by mattress producers. SABA mattress adhesive bonds perfectly with various types of foam, coconut fiber, cotton, horsehair and non-woven material. So it's ideally suited for mattress bonding!

SABA’s strong bond with its customers
  • "Just switched to the new SABA system and it's day and night from the previous. There's no overspray and it tacks almost instantly. My employees love it and I have no complaints. It's very easy to use and works great. I highly recommend it."

    Igal Rosenberg, CEO, Comfort Bedding Mfg. Inc.

  • "SABA has been a great vendor partner of ours for the past few years and have been great to work with. They have been involved in our production process and have been hands on with the setup, implementation and maintenance of their products and services."

    Rizwan Sunderji, President, Sleeptronic