Foam processing

Versatile adhesives for foam converting

The foam converting industry makes use of a wide range of different materials. Every combination has its own specific requirements for foam bonding. SABA responds to this with a wide and deep range of adhesives for foam bonding. Adhesives that are colorfast and that remain soft. This is important because the adhesive joints often remain visible and tangible.
Apart from a high quality end product, SABA devotes considerable attention to an efficient and safe bonding process. Our solvent-free bonding systems contribute to low adhesive use and a safe working environment. Overspray is kept to a minimum or is even eliminated, and the high direct bonding power guarantees a high processing rate. That saves you time and space, while your clients receive their products faster. Depending on the best processing method, you can choose from a wide range of SABA adhesives for foam converting applications.

High-quality and efficient foam bonding

Versatility has high priority in the foam converting industry. SABA's system solutions give you control and flexibility. Stringent requirements are set for mattresses and furniture. Durability and comfort play an important role in the foam converting industry. SABA adhesives help you to achieve the best results, combined with low adhesive use and safe working conditions. SABA has developed a world-wide breakthrough in clean processing. SABA Zero Overspray offers you maximum transfer efficiency and a clean production environment.

Adhesive systems for foam converting

With the SABA adhesive systems developed especially for foam converting, you combine the best adhesives with technically the best adhesive delivery and application systems. Foam bonding is a skilled task. Our adhesive and application specialists understand this only too well. They ensure that our foam bonding systems are installed as optimally as possible and ready to use at your location. On-the-spot training of your operators is included if required. This means you can count on obtaining the best results from the day you start using the system.

Our advisers will be happy to share their knowledge of bonding and foam converting with you. You can be sure that you will be offered the ideal solution for every application. Naturally, your needs and wishes are key, for every situation calls for its own solution.

SABA’s strong bond with its customers
  • "Just switched to the new SABA system and it's day and night from the previous. There's no overspray and it tacks almost instantly. My employees love it and I have no complaints. It's very easy to use and works great. I highly recommend it."

    Igal Rosenberg, CEO, Comfort Bedding Mfg. Inc.