SABA: your partner in adhesives and sealants

Our vision

SABA wants to excel as a bonding and sealing specialist. We aim to be a global market leader in the area of adhesives and bonding systems for bonding foam and in the market of chemically resistant seals. Within the transport industry and in the area of PVC adhesives, SABA wants to be one of the leading suppliers within Europe. On the Dutch domestic market, SABA wants to further expand its role as a specialized supplier of sealants in the construction sector.

Our mission

You want to distinguish yourself with your products and projects. SABA not only supplies high-quality and technically progressive adhesives and sealants for this, but also shares its knowledge of bonding and sealing with you. For example, we help you to optimise your bonding and sealing processes, so that you produce a better end product or realize a more sustainable construction or other project at lower overall costs, and in a safer working environment and in that way strengthen your competitive position. In short, we create a strong bond with our customers. SABA, a strong bond.

  • SABA invests heavily in its innovative capacity. Knowledge from our own R&D department, customer requirements, and practical experience are combined in smart and innovative products, systems, and partnerships.
  • SABA knows a large number of sector organizations, of which it is a member, which it supports or with which it exchanges knowledge. We are happy to list them for you. And please check out their websites!
  • SABA operates at the heart of society and takes its responsibility for people, the environment, and the result. Our own organisation and products are subjected to regular independent testing in order to assure their quality.