A strong connection between innovation, knowledge and responsibility

At SABA, we not only produce adhesives and sealants, we opt for an integral approach to all aspects of adhesives, sealants, and applications in your product environment or project. In other words, a total solution. Our core values of innovation, knowledge, and responsibility are the rock-solid pillars supporting everything that we do.

  • SABA regards a lower environmental impact in terms of the use and reuse of its products as an important product development goal
  • we also aim to reduce the environmental impact of our production process to a minimum
  • SABA complies with national and international standards and is certified in many areas
  • we offer our employees a challenging working environment that permits employees to develop themselves to the fullest of their capabilities and ambitions
  • SABA has anchored Corporate Social Responsibility in its business operations by aiming for a balance between people, the environment and the result
  • SABA actively supports charitable causes in kind as well as with donations

Responsibility in practice

SABA operates at the heart of society and takes its responsibility for people, the environment, and the result. Our own organisation and products are subjected to regular independent testing in order to assure their quality. SABA also commits to a charitable cause each year.

  • Quality Assurance Company that supports organisations in complete certification processes.
  • The quality certificate for the construction industry.
  • German institute for construction technology.
  • Informs government agencies on environmental policy.
  • Network organisation that brings together the private and public sectors for the improvement of water bed and soil management.
  • Assures the quality of inspections and advice in the field of soil protection facilities.
  • German water management association.
  • SACH is one of the largest undertakings in the world, providing urgently needed pediatric heart surgery and follow-up care for indigent children from developing countries.
  • ISO 9001 is the international norm when it comes to quality management systems of an organization.
  • Using an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, the environmental risks of a business management can be controlled and if possible be reduced.