A strong connection between innovation, knowledge and responsibility

At SABA, we not only produce adhesives and sealants, we opt for an integral approach to all aspects of adhesives, sealants, and applications in your product environment or project. In other words, a total solution. Our core values of innovation, knowledge, and responsibility are the rock-solid pillars supporting everything that we do.

  • SABA is a valuable knowledge centre for its customers in the fields of bonding and sealing
  • we assist the entire bonding and sealing process in your product environment
  • our specialized teams for customer application training and product guidance are ready to assist you
  • we work closely with universities and universities of applied science, actively participate in sector associations and are a member of various standardization committees
  • SABA continuously invests in product training and specialized training for its employees in order to guarantee high knowledge and consultancy levels

Knowledge in practice

SABA knows a large number of sector organisations, of which it is a member, which it supports or with which it exchanges knowledge. We are happy to list them for you. And please check out their websites!

  • Represents the interests of the Dutch paint and printing ink industry.
  • Represents adhesive and sealant producers in North America.
  • Sector organization representing the interests of the Dutch adhesives and sealant industry.
  • Umbrella organization for companies active in soil protection.
  • Association of European Adhesives and Sealants manufacturers.
  • Netherlands Export Federation.
  • European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Blocks Manufacturers.
  • Representative of the German sealants industry.
  • Representative of the German adhesives industry.
  • International Sleep Products Association.
  • German trade association for tank storage construction and tank safety equipment.
  • Network for persons, companies and institutions (commercially) active in parking.
  • Federation of the Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry.
  • Sector association of the interior design and furniture industry.
  • The Netherlands Aerospace Group is proud to support the strong Dutch aerospace cluster in the global market.
  • Research society for roads and transportation infrastructure.
  • Alliance of partners in the construction industry with the well-known and frequently-used STABU specification texts.
  • Project office for construction and infrastructure.
  • A joint initiative by a group of Dutch companies with a shared goal: the production of better beds for a better future. SABA is one of the founders.
  • Promotes science and development in the field of surface technology.
  • FBS takes initiatives to promote optimal data exchange between manufacturers and market parties in the construction industry.