SABA, active in adhesives and sealants for more than 80 years

SABA offers you more than 80 years of experience with adhesives and sealants. During that time, SABA has grown from a small traditional business to become a leading international producer. What has remained is our strong local commitment to our customers.

It all began on October 25, 1933 in the small Dutch town of Wateringen. That was when Otto Baruch – born on November 11, 1908 in the German town of Gelsenkirchen – formed the SABA chemical products factory together with Messrs Bongartz and Salm. The name SABA was formed from the first two letters of the names of the founders Salm and Baruch. In the early days, the small traditional factory produced polishes and adhesives for shoe-making. SABA soon moved to Dinxperlo.

First steps in sealants

After the Second World War, SABA began to specialize more and more in adhesives and sealants. New raw materials appeared on the market in the 1960s, which made it possible to replace putty with new durable products that were also easier to apply. It was then that SABA started to produce sealants, initially for the glazing market and later for the entire professional construction market.

The range was extended still further in the 1980s with technical sealants for vehicles and chemical-resistant sealants. Today, the SABA range consists of sealants for building & construction, civil & environmental engineering and transport.

A worldwide first in adhesives

Demand for environmentally-friendly products gave a strong boost to the development of SABA adhesives. SABA was the first company in the world to introduce a water-based adhesive that bonded straight away. This unique adhesive quickly became popular, particularly in the foam processing industry.

Demand for water-based adhesives grew so quickly that SABA was forced to look for partners in order to be able to supply worldwide. Meanwhile, the growth continued unabated. At present, SABA offers a complete product range of PVC adhesives and adhesives for the foam-converting, mattress and furniture industries.

Growth through exports

SABA deliberately decided to concentrate on a few specific markets. We distinguished ourselves in these markets by offering our customer added value. This is achieved by supplying high-quality goods and by helping customers in processing them. We aim to help our customers make even better-quality products at lower costs.

Now and in the future

SABA sells its products all over the world. Exports account for around 80% of the company's turnover. Over the past years, two Business Units have been created.

  • The Industry business unit focuses on adhesives.
  • The Building & Construction business unit focuses on sealants.

SABA is ambitious and our organisation is still growing. Thanks to its highly flexible and innovative capacity, SABA will continue to strive to achieve strong technological and personal bonds.