SABA, a strong bond

Whatever you produce or whichever projects you carry out, you set high standards for the adhesives and sealants that you use. SABA develops and produces high-quality, innovative adhesives and sealants for construction and industry. SABA is your partner in the field of professional adhesives and sealants. With our knowledge of bonding and sealing, we are happy to help you optimise your processes, so that you produce better and more sustainable end-products or projects in a safe and efficient way, and at lower total costs and therefore, achieve a strong competitive position.

A strong bond

Our products provide for a strong bond. And a strong bond is precisely what distinguishes all our activities, conviction, and working methods. We aim for long-term relationships with all parties that need our added value. By responding flexibly to your requests, we realise efficient solutions. With the drive to always take an additional step so we can achieve the best possible result. We have been working on a strong bond with our stakeholders worldwide since as long ago as 1933.

One international business

Through our rapid growth, SABA has now become active world-wide. Our international establishments together form a single large business, with all the advantages of this. For instance, we benefit optimally from each other's unique qualities, while at the same time, we cherish our local presence. We speak your language and are always close by. Wherever you are.

  • SABA offers you more than 80 years of experience with adhesives and sealants. During that time, SABA has grown from a small traditional business to become a leading international producer.
  • SABA: your partner in adhesives and sealants. SABA wants to excel as a bonding and sealing specialist. Read here about SABA’s vision and mission, with the accompanying core values and our motto: a strong bond.
  • SABA is ambitious. Will you help us to make the difference? SABA is continually developing. We are an international company with a versatile range of products and are active in various markets.