Sabatack® 795: a powerful bond, even at lower temperatures

The low temperatures in colder months negatively affect a sealant’s curing process and strength build-up. When the heating is switched off at night or when the sealant is applied outdoors, a low temperature results in a longer curing time, which delays the production process. Sabatack® 795 significantly reduces the longer sealant curing and strength build-up time at low temperatures.

Impact of low temperatures

Sealants that cure under the influence of (ambient) humidity require more time to cure due to the dryer air at lower temperatures. This delays the production process. When the production process is resumed too quickly, the adhesive bond will not have built up sufficient strength to be able to withstand very high loads.

Improved curing and strength build-up

In production halls that are not heated or only heated during the day, outdoor projects and spaces that are insufficiently air conditioned, improved curing and strength build-up at low temperatures can have a positive influence on production speed and quality. Thanks to innovative product development, Sabatack® 795 offers an excellent solution: a fast, extremely strong and highly stable (ambient) humidity curing, 1-component MS polymer with improved curing and strength build-up at lower temperatures. As a result you can rely on fast, strong initial tack and strength build-up. Furthermore, products bonded at lower temperatures are ready sooner for handling and projects incur fewer delays.

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✔ Primer-free bond

Sabatack® 795 is based on MS polymer technology. This yields significant benefits. For example, it provides excellent weather resistance, it is perfectly overpaintable with various lacquer and paint systems, and the product is very safe to use. Another major benefit is that Sabatack® 795 due to its MS polymer base has a broad primer-free bonding spectrum. As a result, the sealant, in many cases, will also ensure a perfect bond without primer.

✔ Working safely with Sabatack®

All Sabatack® product labels are free from hazard symbols and do not contain any silicones, isocyanates or other CMR substances. Furthermore, the products are odorless and applicators do not need to complete a working safely with products training course in order to be allowed to work with these products.

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