Produce a mattress in ONE minute

A hot topic at the ISPA Expo this year is roll coating processes that allow for one mattress per minute output and immediate roll packing without a forced drying step. It may sound like a dream but it’s now an achievable result. How? Combining SABA’s adhesive technology with the right laminating system.

Zero dry time

Produce & Pack uses a unique water-based rollable adhesives with ZERO dry time!

Immediate packing

The result is process control, efficiency gains and immediate packing of finished goods.

Cure in the package

Roll packing without a forced drying step using the “cure in package” method.
Gone in 60 seconds

It’s been proven that applying select SABA adhesives at an ultra-low coat rate can result in sufficient bond strength and immediate roll packing without a forced drying step. A key piece of the puzzle is a laminating system that can apply and hold an ultra-low coat weight to ensure long-term and repeatable results. 

When producing roll packed mattresses, processing time can increase if staging is required to allow the adhesive to dry. Applying the minimum amount of adhesive needed can allow you to roll pack a mattress directly after assembly, without additional storage, curing time or a forced drying step. Apply it, press it and pack it. Producing mattresses has never been easier with SABA’s high performing rollable adhesives using the “cure in package” method.

Gone in 60 seconds adhesive
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How does it work?

The minimal amount of adhesive needed for adequate bond strength must be applied to each layer. A roll coater that can apply adhesive at very low application rate and hold this rate with extreme accuracy is therefore essential. Additionally, the required amount of adhesive can vary with different types of foam. A roll coater with automatic gap control and a recipe mode is beneficial for adhesive application optimization. 

In any case, applying 4g/ft2 or less, per layer, is a general rule of thumb to use. The proper use of a mattress press after assembly is required and roll packing within the open time of the adhesive can also aid in final bond strength at low application rates. Like any process, test it and then test again to make sure you’re getting full foam recovery. Have a Quality Control process in place to ensure that application rates are checked regularly.

Apply it, press it and pack it. There is no easier and faster way. 

How can I implement this in my production process?

To implement this process in your production process, it is vital to have full control over your adhesive application rate. Having the right roll coating system to ensure that the optimal amount of adhesive is applied consistently to every foam sheet is crucial.

A roll coater that can consistently apply adhesive at a rate of 4g/ft2 or less on every layer is essential. Having a high-quality press, and using it effectively, is fundamental for achieving adequate final bond strength as well.
The implementation of this process is product and facility dependent. We can help you find the right solution. Contact our team of adhesive specialists here to set up a demo.

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What are the potential cost savings?

The great advantage of this solution is not only a quicker and easier production process, but also the costs savings on adhesive consumption. Using less adhesive while moving straight from roll coater to roll packer results in more process control and a higher throughput.

  • What is SABA Produce and Pack?
SABA Produce & Pack is the standard for efficient production of bed-in-box mattresses, reducing costs and improving quality control. Produce & Pack uses a unique water-based rollable adhesives with ZERO dry time, with or without the integration of a forced drying step in your production line. Read more about Produce & Pack here.

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