Pre-treatment advice for SABA’s polysulphide products

SABA’s polysulphide sealants are developed for specific applications in construction and industry. Whether you need chemical resistance or a reliable waterproof seal, choosing the right sealant and the correct application process ensure the best results.
Pre-treatment of the substrate is an essential part of the application process. The quality of your work and the durability of the joint seal stand or fall with the pre-treatment of the substrate. With this configurator, you can get advice on the right pre-treatment for polysulphide sealants, tailored to your situation, in just two quick steps.

Pre-treatment advice

Select the substrate material in the steps below. You will then receive advice about the pre-treatment product that you can use in your situation.

Choose a material
Step 2: What is the load to which the seal and/or bond will be exposed?
Bonding in normal conditions

The test sample is stored for 7 days at ≈ 50% relative atmospheric humidity and ≈ +23 °C, after which the bonding is tested.

Severe conditions

The test sample is stored for longer time in varying conditions, temperatures of -40 to +70 °C and variations in relative atmospheric humidity of up to 100%, after which the bonding is tested (e.g. in accordance with DVS 1618).

Our recommendation

Based on the selected substrate, we recommend that you use the following product(s).

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Questions about our advice?

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General advice
Substrates should be clean, dry and free from dust and grease. We recommend that you always clean in advance with Sabaclean 21. In certain cases, we also recommend sanding the substrate in advance for optimal bonding. Our recommendations and instructions for use are based on the present state of the art. Customers and users must themselves evaluate our products in terms of the use and the requirements of their choice. We accept no liability if our products are not used in accordance with our recommendations and/or instructions for use.
Processing method
  • Cleaner: clean, fluff-free cloth
  • Primers: primer ball, melamine foam, brush, clean, fluff-free cloth

Apply the bonding promotor in a single thin, even coat, brushing in the same direction. It is advisable to record the date of first opening on the packaging and to pour the amount that you need into a small pot. Close the packaging again immediately afterwards. Do not pour leftover product back into the packaging.
You are advised to apply the adhesive/sealant as soon as possible after the pre-treatment and drying, to avoid contamination (e.g. from dust).

Please note!
A very large number of materials are available in the market. SABA has tested the most common materials, but cannot guarantee that the correct pre-treatment is recommended in this document for all variants available in the market. We therefore recommend that you always contact SABA for project-specific advice and to conduct a bonding test with the materials that you use.


Our recommendation

First follow the steps above, so that we can advise you on the most suitable pre-treatment products for your situation.