Now especially for you: free digital brochure Saba MS Polymer sealant

For years, SABA been a leader in the development and production of adhesives and sealants for the transport industry. With Sabatack®, we offer a unique product portfolio, based on MS Polymer technology.

Due to its unique composition, Sabatack® has no labelling obligation and requires no hazard symbols. This is because the products contain no solvents, silicones or isocyanates.

In this brochure, you will find information regarding:

  • The Sabatack® product line
  • The advantages of the Sabatack® product line
  • Technical details
  • Certificates and test reports
  • Answer to the question: ‘Why elastic bonding and sealing?’
  • Bonding of plastics, metal and windows
  • Durability of the Sabatack® product line
  • Pre-treatment recommendation
  • Tools for application

Free digital MS Polymer sealant brochure

In this digital brochure you will find a complete overview of our Sabatack® MS-Polymer adhesives and sealants, their common applications and main advantages.

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Environmental and health consciousness

Quality, working conditions and in particular environmental protection are integral aspects of SABA’s company policy. SABA works continuously on improving its performance in these areas. SABA is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 and has anchored Corporate Social Responsibility in its business operations. ISO 26000 standards are recorded in SABA’s care system.

No hazard labels on packaging / no warnings

There are no warnings or hazard labels on Sabatack®, as a result of its safe composition. This a key positive factor for all production environments, alongside the other product advantages.

No isocyanates

Sabatack® contains no isocyanates. Isocyanates are used as catalysts in a large number of common sealants and adhesives. Isocyanates are hazardous to health and the environment. Products containing isocyanates have to be processed using breathing protection and special protective clothing.
Here too Sabatack® is once again setting new standards for protecting workers and the environment.

No solvents

Sabatack® does not contain solvents, which means that the product range is extremely safe for workers and kind to the environment overall. The products are virtually odourless